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Music submissions without going postal.

If you're a music blogger with closets full of review CDs, or if you're a publicist or an artist that has scoured the Internet to find the right bloggers, ReviewShine can help. We get bloggers and artists together.

No CDs!
Bloggers are online. Your review materials should be too.


  • Find music blogs by genre, location, and reputation.
  • Upload your album, liner notes, and promotional materials.
  • Know when bloggers listen, download, or review your music.
  • Save money and the environment: No Paper, No Plastic.

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  • Listen to featured songs on the ReviewShine website or via your personalized podcast.
  • Download full albums, liner notes, and promotional materials.
  • Send automatic feedback to publicists and artists when you review.
  • Coordinate reviews between multiple authors.

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